More kills, less tracking

Sometimes hunters will spend hours tracking the animal, following the blood trail. The animal isn’t always found which results in a lost arrow, and more pain and suffering.

Blood Trail is an innovative crossbow arrow that makes hunting more fun and the arrow more effective. Blood Trails patented design replaces the feather fletching with an additional row of blades.

The hunting industry has increased 1.3% in 2015 and is projected to continue to increase at a compounded annual growth rate of 2.3% for the next 10-15 years.

The rate of crossbow hunting efficiency is 29.9%, higher than the kill rate using a gun. Approximately 13 million hunters in the United States with the large majority of these hunters choosing large game such as white-tail deer and moose.

Extra set of blades creates a MUCH larger hole and quicker kill.

During testing, the average tracking distance was 10 yards from where the animal was shot.